Take a look back at what happened on set during the making of SOA Season 2.
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We have many talented people working on the show – my hat goes off to them and their creativity and ingenuity for doing what they do on a daily basis. It may all start with the writers, but the crew brings it to life.

One of the men behind the curtain is our Production Designer, Anthony Medina.  He along with his exceptionally talented team in the Art Department and Set Decoration take the words off the page and create the world of SAMCRO.

In this weeks episode they got to build AND destroy one of the many sets you see in the show. It is oddly satisfying – so I’m told -- to build something only to crash a flatbed truck right into it.

Take a look at the before pictures and a little video of the crash.


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Sons of Anarchy
Season 2, Episode 205
Recap: “Smite”

As the Sons try to get back to business, the growing rift between Jax and Clay becomes more apparent. Clay makes a friendly visit to Zobelle, a welcome to Charming, along with a friendly reminder of the cost of doing business in his town.  Zobelle, peeved by Clay’s arrogance, makes his next move, giving Weston the go ahead for Stockton.

At Stockton State Prison, Big Otto is attending to a work detail when he is attacked by three AB inmates. The vicious attack, initiated on Zobelle’s orders, leaves Otto beaten and blind in one eye. When the club gets news of the attack, a vote for retaliation is set, but not everyone is on the same page. Jax tries to get the rest of the club to look at the big picture and hold off on the retaliation until they know more about Zobelle and what they are dealing with.

Meanwhile, Zobelle and Weston make a visit to Charming P.D. They inform Hale that Clay tried to extort protection money from him. When that is not enough to sway Hale, Weston hands him two DVDs, the first implicating Opie in the methhouse bombing and the other showing what appears to be Hale taking a bribe from Darby. Unser notices Hale’s distress and reminds him that he needs to be the ‘good cop’ or the whole department will become a joke. To enlighten Hale on who Zobelle truly is, he shares Gemma’s secret about her attack.

Gemma, still suffering the physical and psychological repercussions from her assault, confides in Tara.  Tara recommends some medication for her pain. As they exit the drug store Gemma spots Polly – she stops dead in her tracks. Polly takes off running. Gemma pulls the gun from her bag and gives chase. She watches Polly hop into Weston’s car and drive away. Tara grabs Gemma’s arm, startling her, and receives a brutal elbow to the nose. At the hospital, Tara gets patched up, then confronts Gemma about what happened. As Tara’s education continues, she uses some of Gemma’s persuasion techniques on Gemma herself, forcing her to see a shrink. Gemma, somewhere between pissed and impressed, agrees to do as Tara says.

As the club convenes for the vote, Jax makes his final plea to hold off on the retaliation for Otto’s attack. Each member casts their vote. They vote with Jax agreeing to wait on and figure out who and what they are up against before they act.  Clay takes it hard, Bobby tries to assure him that this is the best move for now. The Sons depart from the clubhouse as the van we saw Gemma chase Polly away in being towed onto the lot.  Chibs goes to move the van – when he tries to start the car, he realizes it’s rigged to explode.  He manages to get out of the vehicle just before it detonates. The blast sends him flying, landing hard on his head. The guys rush to his aid as the blood quickly pools around his head.

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Take a look at how we blow up a house.


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Sons of Anarchy
Season 2, Episode 204
Recap: “Eureka”

The Club gears up for their first run under the new deal with the Irish, transporting handguns through Northern Cali.  They will make the delivery under the guise of a charity run for a Children’s Blood Drive in Eureka.  As the Club prepares we find Gemma injecting cortisone shots into Clay’s ailing hands.  Meanwhile, Tara realizes, happily, that she’s Jax’s ‘Old Lady’.

Sam Crow kicks off the run, Harley’s thunder through Charming.

As the fleet exits Charming, the pack grows from twenty to forty plus as other Sons of Anarchy charters join the ride.  SAMCRO branches off to pick up the delivery from the Irish.  Each brother takes a bedroll from IRA soldiers Cameron and Edmond Hayes – each bedroll filled with guns.  The MC Pony Express is in motion.

Back at Teller-Morrow Gemma receives a disturbing package, a bag from “Sherman’s” containing the mask her assailants wore when they raped her.  Gemma, determined to take her life back heads out to Sherman’s to find something, anything.  She finds Sherman’s out of business – replaced by Ethan Zobelle’s Impeccable Smokes.   He greets her, asks if there is anything he can help her with.  Shocked, Gemma retreats – and bumps into AJ Weston.  His “Pardon me, Ma’am” confirms what she already suspects – Weston was one of her rapists.  Gemma is shaken but follows Weston when he leaves the smoke shop, driven by vengeance.

The Sons make their way further north with the shipment in hand – smooth sailing until Bobby’s bike malfunctions causing Tig to lay down his Dyna.  Awaiting ER treatment for a leg gash, Tig is snatched up by bounty hunters, tipped off by hospital staff.  Tension between Jax and Clay boils over when Jax insists they go get Tig now, before making the gun drop.  Clay insists they make the drop first.  A quick thinking Piney takes Jax and a small crew to get Tig before the argument escalates.  Piney reverses the T-M truck through the wall of the hotel where the bounty hunters are holed up.  Tig is rescued.

Gemma follows Weston, gun in purse.  An opportunity presents itself, a chance to kill her rapist, but Weston takes a call from his son… and Gemma loses the will to kill.  She falls defeated, more lost now then ever.

The gun drop is made and the MC catches up to the post run party.  Clay confronts Jax about undermining him, leaves Jax with an unsettling threat – if Jax brings up Donna’s murder again, Clay will kill him.

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Sons of Anarchy
Season 2, Episode 203
Recap: “Fix”

We open on a rousing rendition of ‘Hava Nagila’ – Bobby Elvis-style.  The porn business is back up and running.  Jax and Tara sneak away, growing closer, as Gemma and Clay struggle with the growing gap between them.

At the clubhouse Clay finds a “sad” Bobby Elvis sitting at the bar. Bobby vents about his financial position. Clay tells him to take over the books at Caracara.  Back in the TM office Unser checks in on Gemma, suggests she attend a victims of sexual assault support group. Gemma appreciates the gesture but says it’s not her thing.

Jax shows up to Caracara, finds Luann freaking out about Bobby’s new involvement.  Jax covers, calls it a club decision – but secretly fumes over Clay’s unilateral action.  Ima, Luann’s number one girl, plays up a story about being followed to get Jax’s attention.   Luann pleads with Jax to play along – Ima is her biggest draw.  Jax plays into Ima’s hand, promises to be her personal escort – a situation Tara will have to remedy.  Meanwhile, Gemma arrives at Caracara to talk Luann through the “Bobby situation.” Clay tells Gemma to stay out of club business.  They fight – violently.  The commotion brings Jax and everyone outside.  When Clay grabs Gemma she screams and breaks down at his touch, stunning all present.

While on repo duty Opie and Half-Sack discover that meth is being sold at the mill IN Charming.  Darby is flexing his muscle with AB protection –  courtesy of Ethan Zobelle.  The Sons beat down the dealer for intel on Darby’s meth lab.  Jax suggests they feed the intel to Hale – if he’s clean he’ll shut the cookhouse down, if he’s in Zobelle’s pocket he will ignore the helpful tip.   Sam Crow will know where they stand with the law.

Hale finds the MC intel good but ignores the crime – he has to play out his hand with Zobelle.  The Sons have their answer.  They take care of the lab themselves, giving us our first amazing explosion of the year.

Clay apologizes to Gemma, tries to reconnect with his queen. Unable to let him in Gemma pushes Clay further away.

The episode wraps up with the porn wrap party where Tara finally learns how to lay claim to her man.

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Join us for a live chat with Sons of Anarchy star Henry Rollins Tuesday, September 15th at 3 PM ET/Noon PT.

Tuesday night’s second season premiere of Sons of Anarchy’s attracted a whopping 4.29 million viewers, setting a record ratings high for the dark FX drama.

Rollins, who joined ‘Sons’ this season, plays AJ Weston, a neo-Nazi hell-bent on destroying SAMCRO.

Read an interview with Rollins on his new role

Bookmark this page and come back on Tuesday to find out what’s in store for him and Charming’s other charming residents.

And don’t forget to keep tuning in to all new episodes of Sons of Anarchy every Tuesday night at 10 PM on FX!

<a href=”;task=viewaltcast&#038;altcast_code=4593ec387c” mce_href=”;task=viewaltcast&amp;altcast_code=4593ec387c” >Chat With Sons Of Anarchy’s Henry Rollins</a>

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Son of Anarchy

Season Two, Episode 202

Recap: “Small Tears”

We open on the aftermath of Gemma’s brutal attack.  On an anonymous tip, Unser finds her and gets her out of there. Not wanting to go to the hospital, too many questions, Gemma reaches out to Tara.  She is adamant with Unser and Tara that NO ONE can find out about this, especially Clay or Jax. They both agree to keep her secret and begin building the lie of a car accident to account for her injuries.

Post-welcome home party, Clay gets an early call from Alverez and finds out about Jax’s play, putting the Mayan body on the Niners. Clay reaches out to Laroy telling him that the Mayans are looking to get bloody and ensure Laroy that their business arrangement is once again exclusive.

Meanwhile, Jax finds out that Luann’s porno studio has been raided, her assets seized and she needs help from the club.  Luann explains to Jax that Georgie Caruso, (Tom Arnold) a sleaze bag porn producer, is making a play for her girls and she needs the 50k she lent SOA to hang on to her talent.  Jax tells her that there’s no money, but he will back Caruso off.  The crew heads to Caruso Films to warn Georgie to leave Luann alone.  Georgie doesn’t take kindly to Jax’s threats and takes his frustrations out on one of Luann’s stars, Lyla (Winter Ave Zoli).   When Jax and the crew find out what Georgie did to Lyla, they come at him hard and fast with a little baseball bat fun.  After trashing Georgie’s studio, Jax comes up with a brilliant idea.

At the table, Jax presents the club with his solution to their money and ATF problems: Porn.  Luann needs a space and some muscle; they need an honest, above board means of income. The club votes, porn is in. Jax heads off to tell Luann the news while the rest of the club makes a gun delivery to Laroy.

The exchange with the Niners, guns for money, is hijacked by the Mayans.  Bobby takes a bullet in the shoulder as the Mayan’s take off with the Niners’ guns.  Tara is called in to attend to Bobby as Jax returns and is confronted by Clay – your decision to place the blame on the Niners almost killed one of your brothers.  The reality of it all hits Jax as he escapes to the rooftop for some air.  The episode comes to a close as Jax and Gemma, who’s dealing with her own tragedy, sit on the roof silently looking over their kingdom.

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Sons of Anarchy
Season 2, episode 201
Recap:  “Alibification”

Sam Crow blows back into town with the premiere episode of its second season, “Alibification”, and we are off to a roaring start. We catch up with the club three weeks after Donna’s death. Opie on the open road, Bobby in jail, Piney on grandpa duty, Tara in surgery, and Gemma surveying her kingdom, as life goes on. Jax, Clay and the boys are busy making a new deal with the Irish, it’s not perfect, but it will have to do until the AFT heat dies down.  Jax, focused on the need for change, steps up and begins to challenge Clay’s authority.

ATF agent June Stahl hands Bobby his release papers. Witness went missing — charges have been dropped.  Bobby tries to rile her, but this is a different Stahl, she’s calm, controlled, focused. Stahl explains to Agent Estevez that Bobby was right.  She was trying to crush Sons rather than going after the guns, lost focus, that won’t happen this time.

We meet some new faces, Jacob Hale Jr. (Jeff Kober) Hale’s brother, and Ethan Zobelle (Adam Arkin) and AJ Weston (Henry Rollins) members of the League of American Nationalists, a white separatist organization.  They share a common goal, the desire to improve and expand Charming while putting an end to the Sons of Anarchy.  Jacob introduces them to Deputy Chief Hale in hopes that he will get on board and take control of Charming.  Hale, Boy Scout that he is, has no interest in trading one criminal for another and walks.   Zobelle and Weston, convinced Hale will come around, continue with their plan.  Weston goes to Ernest Darby, gives him cash and instructs him to set up a cook shop IN Charming.  Darby expresses his concern about the Sons. Weston tells him he has the support of the Aryan Brotherhood. Darby, although skeptical, agrees.

With Opie back in town, it’s time for retaliation.  Jax meets with Hale convincing him to keep their suspicions of Clay’s involvement in Donna’s death to themselves for the sake of Opie. With Hale on board, he fills in Piney who agrees to trust Jax.  At chapel, Clay expresses his sympathy to Opie for his loss. He tells Opie they know the Mayans were responsible – Elian Perez killed Donna. Opie, Tig, Jax, and Chibs are tasked with the retaliation.

Jax, Opie, Tig, and Chibs watch Elian Perez in his Mayan cut dealing H in front of a church.   They follow Perez and take him down. Opie presses Perez for details about Donna’s murder.  Jax pulls Opie aside.  Tig acts fast, unties Perez, and then with a slight hesitation, shoots him in the face.  Chibs, Jax, and Opie rush back at the sound of gunfire.  Tig says he tried to escape.  Jax reassures Opie that this was the guy who killed Donna. Opie, showing a darker side, carves an ‘A’ into Perez’s chest, marking his kill. Jax tells the boys to get back to the clubhouse he will dump the body.  Once they’re gone he blasts Perez in the belly until the carved ‘A’ is unrecognizable.  He leans Perez’s body against a fence and adjusts his hands so that he is holding up 9 fingers, putting the murder on the Niners.

Gemma interviews nannies for Abel.  We meet Neeta (Cleo King), she is lovable but tough, willing to stand up to Gemma — she’s hired.  Gemma and Tara have an honest conversation about the realities of the club. Gemma tells her “total disclosure — it’s the only way it will work.” If you love the man you must learn to love the club.  Gemma heads out leaving Tara to think — her education begins.

Back at the clubhouse, Bobby’s welcome home party is getting started when some uninvited guests pull in.  Zobelle, along with Weston, introduces himself to Clay, giving him some friendly words of advice – stop selling guns to the gangs. Clay makes it very clear that you do not threaten SOA.  Zobelle and Weston leave as Clay tasks Juice to find out everything about “the League”.  With the interruption gone and Bobby home, the party begins to rage.

Jax goes home exhausted, only to be confronted by Tara’s need for full disclosure.  He gives it to her “I helped Op kill a man tonight. Retaliation for Donna’s death.” Truthed, Tara is left to figure out if she can really handle this.

Meanwhile on her way home, Gemma pulls to a stop on a deserted country road.  A young woman frantically comes up to Gemma’s car window; her baby is choking – Gemma jumps into maternal mode and rushes to the baby’s aid.  She gets into the back of a minivan but there’s no baby, just a doll. Before Gemma can react a blackjack hits her knocking her out. Gemma slowly comes to in a utility warehouse, tied up.  Her captors approach her. She spits verbal fire at them and fends them off as long as she can.  The men overpower her, rip off her clothes and begin to rape her.  The last rapist approaches Gemma –“sorry ma’am we’re almost done” the voice and words resonate with Gemma.  He gives her the reasoning for the attack – she is to pass a message on to her ‘old man’. We hold on Gemma’s eyes as she endures the brutal attack.

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A showrunner’s job is never easy.  Seeing an episode from conception, through production, all the way to what you watch in your living rooms at home, leaves little time for anything else.  I managed to grab a few minutes with Kurt Sutter to see where his head was at as we ramp up for the premiere of SOA’s second season.  We walked and talked from the writer’s office, through the bustling set, to the post production trailer, stopping here and there as he caught up with some of the actors.  Although he is a man of few words, his excitement about the new season was very apparent even in the short time I spent with him. Take a look at what he had to say.

My interview with Kurt Sutter:

Season One got some love and some criticism. What are your feelings towards the first season and the fan response/feedback you’ve received?

Very pleased.  There was a perception that we started slowly and that the episodes improved.  I’m of the mind that it took a few episodes for people to engage and understand the world and the tone of the show.  I believe the episodes didn’t necessarily get better, they became more relatable.  Or maybe the first few sucked.
But I’ll take the love wherever I can get it.

There were some pretty outrageous storylines in season one. How did you approach storylines for season two?

I knew halfway through season one what season two would be.  I discussed the big arcs, the mile markers with the writers at the beginning of the season and then we wrote to those big seasonal plot points.

That being said, what do the fans have to look forward to in season two?

God, blood and betrayal.  And implants.

Any last words you have to the loyal followers of the show?


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Much like the show itself, the music of Sons of Anarchy has a unique personality all its own.  It is not mainstream or overproduced in fact Music Supervisor Bob Thiele and Music Editor Charles Sydnor along with their amazingly talented team, work tirelessly to find and create music that will enhance the show and help tell the story in an organic way.

We kick the season premiere off with a rendition of The Who’s “Slip Kid”. The crew from ANVIL along with singer Franky Perez joined forces to create an amazing cover for this iconic song.   The Lions, whose music helped mold season one, are back with inspiring tracks for season two. One of many great songs to look forward to is their cover of Bob Dylan’s “Girl from The North Country”. Their unique sound has made them one of SOA’s favorite bands.

Also this season, we have our very own Katey Sagal singing a rendition of The Rolling Stones’, “Ruby Tuesday”. This haunting rendition will rattle your soul as it plays through a gut-wrenching scene in episode 202.

Click on the music section of the Sons of Anarchy home page to hear these tracks and others from each episode.

Want to bring some sounds home with you? The first Sons of Anarchy EP: NORTH COUNTRY is available NOW on iTunes!

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