Take a look back at what happened on set during the making of SOA Season 2.
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Sons of Anarchy
Season 2, Episode 213 SEASON FINALE
Recap: “Na Triobloidi”

We kick off the season two finale with Zobelle, Polly, and Weston in Charming PD’s custody and SOA camped outside of the station hoping for an opportunity to finish what they started.  Unser gives Clay an update; Weston, Zobelle and Polly are all being released.  Weston is being released because Chuck was deemed an unreliable witness. Zobelle and Polly are released because, as it turns out, Zobelle is a rat working with the FBI.  Clay gets word to Otto.  This revelation will secure protection for the brothers inside.   Hale escorts Zobelle and Polly out. He offers them protection until they get out of Charming, but Zobelle refuses, insisting that it won’t be necessary.   Right as Zobelle and Polly are ready to pull out, Alverez and the rest of the Mayans pull up, letting SOA know that they will be ensuring that Zobelle makes it safely out of Charming.   The Mayans pull out escorting Zobelle’s car, SOA following. They will not lose Zobelle again.

Unser takes it upon himself to let Weston know that Zobelle was working for the FBI, providing them information on all the AB power players.  Hale interrupts, telling Weston he’s free to go.  He suggests getting out of Charming immediately. Weston tells him that he can’t leave without his boys.

Meanwhile it’s a stand off outside Impeccable Smokes; Mayans lined in front of the store with SOA across the street.  Inside Polly hangs up the phone.  She tells Zobelle that Weston knows he’s a rat.  As he packs money into a bag he explains to her that he knew one day they would find out.  They will go home to Budapest where they will be safe and regroup.  Polly tells him that she needs to say goodbye to Edmond before they go.  Back outside Unser arrives; Hale tells him that he’s calling in the Sheriffs.  Unser tells Jax that Weston is going to see his son. Jax, Opie, and Chibs ride out to get Weston.

At the safe house Stahl makes Edmond set up a meet with his father, Cameron.  They will meet at the wharf.  Down at the wharf, Edmond answers a hidden cell phone; Cameron’s on the other end of the call and tells Edmond the only way out of the situation is to kill Stahl.  Edmond ends the call before Estevez can get to him.  He tells him that this was a test, that his dad will meet them back at the safe house.   When they get there Edmond tells Stahl that it has to just be the two of them, no radios, his dad has scanners and if something is off won’t show up. Stahl agrees it will be just she and Edmond in the house.  Edmond goes to the restroom and retrieves a gun from a vent.  He walks out, pulls the gun on Stahl but can’t pull the trigger.  She takes the gun from him and fires a shot at his chest, blanks. She tells him she has been one step ahead of him this whole time.  Edmond punches Stahl in the gut and takes off for the back door.  Stahl pulls her weapon and shoots Edmond in the back, killing him.

Jax, Opie, and Chibs catch up to Weston and watch as he and his son, escorted by Eglee, pull into a tattoo shop.  Opie makes a call to the shop owner telling him to get Weston into the bathroom.  Irish Freddy agrees and purposely jams his tattoo needle into Weston’s back.  Weston heads to the bathroom with his son Cliffy where they are met by Jax, Opie, and Chibs.  Weston, knowing his fate, sends Cliffy away reminding him to never talk to cops.  As soon as the boy is gone, Jax takes Weston into the stall and finally takes his revenge, unloading six rounds into Weston.

Gemma and Tara, escorted by Half-Sack, load groceries into the car.  Gemma spots Polly and decides to follow her.  They end up at the safe house. Stahl hears Polly come in and hides.  Polly sees Edmond on the ground; grabs her gun and goes to him.  Gemma tells Tara to go home, this is something she needs to do, alone.  Tara leaves and Gemma walks into the house gun drawn.  She sees Polly over Edmond’s body and tells her to drop the gun.  Polly makes a move to shoot Gemma, but Gemma gets a shot off first, killing her.  Gemma collapses on the couch only to see Stahl emerge, gun drawn.  Stahl radios to Estevez saying that Gemma Teller just killed Edmond and Polly. Stahl tells Gemma that she knows about the rape and is sorry.  She tells Gemma to go, she’ll give her a head start to take care of what she needs to before the authorities arrest her.  Gemma goes, she calls Unser – she needs help.

Back at the clubhouse Jax share the news that Weston is dead.  Juice calls – Zobelle is on the move, SOA heads out.  They surround Zobelle and his Mayan motorcade and open fire.  Zobelle flees. Jax tells the Mayans to save themselves and go.  They do and SOA take off after Zobelle.  Zobelle pulls into a deli-mart crowded with children for a safe haven.  SOA camps out in the parking lot, patiently waiting.  Zobelle calls Hale for help, unfortunately that deli-mart is outside of Charming and Hale’s jurisdiction.

Half-Sack arrives at Jax’s house.  He tells Tara that the cops swarmed the safe house- he doesn’t know what happened to Gemma.  Tara calls Jax.  As she’s talking to him Cameron comes in, knife in hand, and disconnects the call.   Cameron tells them Gemma killed his son.  He makes a move towards the baby – Half-Sack tries to intervene and Cameron plunges his knife deep into Half-Sack’s belly killing him.  Tara looses it.

Meanwhile, Jax tells Clay that something’s going on and he, Opie, and Chibs race back to his house.  When they arrive they find Half-Sack’s body on the floor and Tara tied up in the nursery.  They untie her and she tells him that Cameron took Abel.  Jax calls Clay – Cameron took my son.  Clay tells the boys and they head out leaving Zobelle to go free. Opie knows where Cameron is headed – the wharf.  SOA take to the road. It is a race against time, they rip through traffic trying desperately to catch up to Cameron and find Abel.  They arrive at the wharf only to see Cameron’s boat fading into the distance.  Jax collapses in desperation as his brothers try to console him.

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