Take a look back at what happened on set during the making of SOA Season 2.
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As we near the end of another great season let’s take a look back at one of the best explosions of the year and how they did that.

Episode 205 “Smite” ended with a bang as we blew up a minivan in our own backyard.   The set up: Chibs gets in to move the van. When he turns the engine over he hears the familiar sound of the battery winding down and knows what’s coming next.  Acting fast, he makes a run for it as the van detonated into a fiery explosion.  Chibs is thrown into the air by the force of the explosion, landing unconscious in a pool of his own blood.

This 60-second scene took hours of planning and preparation.  With explosions everything must be planned and double checked to insure not only the actor/stuntman’s safety, but also the safety of everyone on set.  You get one shot at a stunt like this, take a look and see how it comes together.

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