Take a look back at what happened on set during the making of SOA Season 2.
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Sons of Anarchy
Season 2, Episode 212
Recap: “Culling”

The episode opens as Jax, Tara, Clay, Tig, Gemma and the rest of the club prepare for lock-down.  The clubhouse has turned into a safe haven for Samcro and their loved ones. Clay addresses the large crowd in the barroom – you are here because you are family. No one else is going to get hurt on my watch.

At chapel Clay lays out the plan to get his guns from the Irish without the ATF interfering.  He assures Chibs that Jimmy will know who the real rat is and he and his family will be safe.

Jax and Opie find Weston at Impeccable Smokes. They inform him that Zobelle is supplying weapons and selling heroin with the Mayans.  Weston goes to their gun  warehouse to check things out for himself.  He’s pissed when he realizes that the guns are gone. As he gets on his phone to make a call he hears voices in the back room.  Weston pulls his gun and bursts in the room. Ule and two Hispanic women are packing heroin.  With out hesitation Weston kills both women and turns his gun on Ule.  Ule tries to tell him that Zobelle has sanctioned this, but before an explanation can be given, Weston ends his life.

Meanwhile, SOA shows Jimmy O. ATF photos of Cameron and Edmond with Zobelle.  Clay tells Jimmy his plan. Then Clay and Jax meet with Laroy and Henry Lin.  They propose a solution to all of their problems.  Laroy and Lin help SOA defeat Zobelle and Weston and in return SOA will push out the Mayans and divvy up their territory between them.  Laroy and Lin are all for more money and friendly boarders.

Back at the clubhouse Chuck has resurfaced. As Tara bandages his badly burned hands, Chuck tells them that it was Weston who set the fire at Caracara.  Unser agrees to take him in to give a statement so that SOA can collect the insurance money.

Polly gets back to the shop and is questioned by Zobelle about her relationship with Edmond.  Weston comes in, gun drawn, demanding answers from Zobelle.  Zobelle tries to show Weston his big picture, but Weston, the purist that he is, only sees it as a betrayal. Weston lets Zobelle know that he is on his own and leaves. Outside he gets a phone call, his kids have been taken away by child services.  Weston rushes to Charming PD just in time to see the Child Services van pull away.  Jax walks up to Weston. He lets him know that he is the one who did this. Weston is pissed.  Jax gives him a time and a place – they’ll fight till only one stands.

Jimmy O. shows up at the safe house for his gun pick up. Stahl is watching. Jimmy’s van heads out, Stahl gets Edmond, and follows the van to make her bust.  As soon as the coast is clear SOA roars in opening the garage door to reveal Jimmy O. and the guns are still there.  SOA load the guns into the van. Clay and Jimmy shake hands, all is good between them.  Clay, Jax, Chibs, and Bobby head to the army surplus store for their arranged ‘pick-up’.  As soon as the Sons enter the store Stahl gives the word to take the van and arrest them. But when she goes into the store and opens the seized crates, all she finds is two dead rats. Edmond freaks at the sight of them. Screwed again, Stahl is forced to let SOA go, she has nothing on them.  She goes to Edmond, he motions to the crate and tells her that Jimmy knows. He’s dead.

At the clubhouse, SOA gear up for battle.  They mount their bikes and head out to the back woods of Charming and wait for Weston and his guys to show up. When they do, it’s on.  A brutal no-holds-barred fight.  As the fight rages, Hale and his guys rush in with lights ablaze.  Taking in the situation, Hale arrests Weston for arson in order to save his life.  The Sons are pissed.  If they can’t have Weston they will move onto Zobelle.  Clay makes the call to Unser.  Unser calls off his men who are babysitting Polly at Impeccable Smokes.  SOA pulls up and pressures Polly, demanding to know where Zobelle is. She swears she doesn’t know.  Zobelle enters.  Clay tells him his fate, but before he can make good on his promise Hale enters.  Zobelle thinks quick and tells Hale he is in possession of narcotics and to arrest him. An Officer locates a brick of heroin and Hale takes Zobelle into custody, in turn granting him a stay of execution.

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