Take a look back at what happened on set during the making of SOA Season 2.
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Sons of Anarchy
Season 2, Episode 211
Recap: “Service”

We pick up the episode hours after Gemma revealed the rape to Clay and Jax.  Rocked by the news, everyone is up trying to figure out what now.  Clay makes a late night visit to Jax’s house – they need to do this right, they need a plan.  In Jax’s mind the plan is simple – kill them all.

A morning Church session is called.  Jax informs the club that he is not going nomad, but before the club can rejoice Clay reins them in and shares the news about Gemma.  The club is shocked and wants revenge.  Jax and Clay tell them that if they are going to destroy Zobelle’s organization, the Sons need to tear them apart from the inside.  The guys are given instructions to find something to use as a wedge between Zobelle and Weston, and until then no one retaliates.

Tara goes to check in on Gemma. Gemma shares her fears – now that Clay knows, there is no way he will ever want her again.  Tara tries to reassure her, only to have her education continue.

With no gun connection, the Sons tap their personal stock in preparation for retaliation.  Tig goes to Gemma and Clay’s house to collect their guns.  Still haunted by killing Donna and lying to a brother, Tig drowns his guilt in a sea of booze.   Gemma sees Tig as he finishes off a fifth of vodka.  He kisses her expressing his deepest sympathy for what happened to her.   With emotions running high on both parts, Gemma and Tig are overcome by a moment of sadness, passion, and rage as their relationship walks the fine line of turning physical.  They come to their senses before it’s too late and Tig rushes off.  He arrives at Teller-Morrow to find Opie putting the final touches on his Panhead EG.  Seeking solace for what he did, he asks Opie why Donna was driving his truck the night she died.   Putting it all together, Opie realizes what Tig has done and unleashes a vicious attack on him.  Tig welcomes the beating, putting up no resistance, only saying it was Stahl’s doing.   Jax pulls up and breaks up the fight.  Opie rushes off as Bobby and Clay try to figure out what happened.  Tig tells them he told Opie that he killed Donna.  Jax realizes that Opie has gone after Stahl and goes after Opie to stop him from doing something stupid.

Jax turns to Hale to help find Stahl.  Hale tells him she went to meet an informant, and suggests that it has to be one of Zobelle’s people who has turned on the Irish.  Jax goes to Impeccable Smokes and follows Zobelle.  He follows him to a meeting with Alverez where Jax puts it together – Zobelle is selling heroin with Alverez.  This is the piece that the Sons need to drive a wedge between Weston and Zobelle.

Meanwhile Opie has Stahl in his sights.  As he plans his move, he is shocked to see Chibs walking out with CI paperwork.  Opie continues to follow Stahl to the docks where he finally makes his move and confronts her.  Gun to her head, Opie lets Stahl know just who she killed. In a turn, Opie reveals that the gun isn’t loaded and leaves Stahl to realize he made the choice to let her live.

Jax finds Opie back at the clubhouse.  Opie tells him that he didn’t kill Stahl.  He turns to Jax and asks how he is suppose to stay and share a patch with Clay and Tig after all of this.  Jax gives him the manuscript and tells Op that he needs him if he is going to turn things around.

At Church, Opie confronts Clay, Tig, and Bobby.  He tells them that he is going to stay and that he would prefer this stay between them, he doesn’t need people knowing his business.   He tells them that he will stay on one condition, Chibs is working with Stahl and they need to hear him out and believe what he tells them.  Clay agrees.

Meanwhile Chibs is in the garage, upset.  Gemma asks him what’s the matter.  He tells her that he’s messed up and doesn’t know how to make things right.  Gemma tells him to come clean.  Chibs goes into the Chapel and tells the guys that he needs to talk to them.  He gives them the whole story and Clay, proving good to his word, tells Chibs that they will sort it all out and he is good with them.  Suddenly, Piney bursts in, gun drawn, and fires off a shot at Clay.  Without hesitation Tig protects Clay as Opie and Chibs take Piney down.  Clay goes after Piney and the guys hold him back.  Opie demands the room so he can talk to his father. The guys clear out, giving them a minute.

Jax, Clay, Bobby, Tig, and Chibs grab a solemn drink at the bar as they wait for Opie and Piney to finish.  Opie emerges and explains to Clay that Piney did what he did for Opie.  Piney thought Opie would kill Clay and he didn’t want that to fall on Opie. Clay takes all the news in stride and allows Piney to stay in the club.

Jax and Clay exit the clubhouse. Tig catches up with Clay and tells him that Gemma needs to know that he still loves her.  Clay strides up to the office and finally, after so long, takes Gemma.

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