Take a look back at what happened on set during the making of SOA Season 2.
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QUESTION: From Noelle Sinck

I wanted to submit a question for Mr. Perlman.

In the promo video prior to season 1 you mention that you’ve never played anyone who was as much of a “man” as Clay.  Was it hard to find the humanity in this character? I feel you have done a great job of showing the two sides of him, both ruthless and vulnerable.  Was there a process to finding the nuances in this character or did they evolve naturally over the season?

To Noelle

Thanks for your kind words regarding the portrayal of Clay. The tricky part to playing him lay more in the type of man he is, rather than his manhood. I think the comment I made referred to the fact that Clay is the first character I’ve played who possesses no real sense of humor about himself. To play someone who, in his own mind, is always right was the real challenge. The fact that he shows his vulnerability every now again is a tribute more to the writing of Kurt Sutter and company more than anything else. At any rate, and without trying to get too analytical, thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Ron Perlman
QUESTION: from Sean Slater:

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well.  First let me say I love the show and I am very excited for season 2. With that being said, on to my question.

My question is for the cast, what drew you to the show exactly? Was it the story? The characters? I have to say the acting all around is top notch; the story is very engrossing as it draws you in regardless of what direction it may take.  I can’t imagine any other group of actors playing these roles.  I know you’ll get a million of these, but I thank you for your time.


I got signed on at the last minute.  They were reshooting parts of the pilot and wanted to add my character of Tig.  I took a huge leap of faith with Kurt Sutter, trusting that the guy I was about to play was not just a psycho whack job…but a biker who has humor and heart and is committed to the club.  It’s worked out so far in spades.  The original script was familiar to me and loved the writing.  There really is nothing like it on the tube anywhere.  This season has seen a shift for Tig.  He’s lost his mo jo a bit from the accident of killing Donna last season.  But near the end of season two he gets it back big time…just love coming to work everyday and working with this cast.  It’s quite the ride, and I hope it continues.

Kim Coates

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