Take a look back at what happened on set during the making of SOA Season 2.
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Sons of Anarchy
Season 2, Episode 210
Recap: “Balm”

The gauntlet has been thrown – Jax is going Nomad. Clay informs the rest of the club that the Nomad President has accepted Jax’s request for a transfer, now it is up to a vote to see if we let him go or not.

Jax goes to the cabin to tell Piney. Piney is less than thrilled to hear that the one he trusted to make things right is leaving.  Jax tells him he will still make things right, just needs a little distance to do that. On his way out he talks with Opie who is just arriving.  Opie doesn’t understand what he’s doing. Frankly, neither does Jax.

Chibs finally gets cut loose from the hospital. Jax, Bobby, Happy, and Half-Sack are there to bring him home.  In the van, Half-Sack tells Chibs about Jax going Nomad. Bobby and Jax catch the van making an abrupt left, Jax tells them to go ahead he’ll go after Chibs.

Chibs drags Sack to the Army/Navy store and confronts the Irish – why are they selling guns to Zobelle?  The infamous Jimmy O comes out when he hears the ruckus.  Jax gets to the store just in time to settle everyone down.  Stahl has surveillance on the store and hears everything.  She will use this to press Chibs and Jax one last time.

Jax comes home to find Stahl sitting in his living room with Tara. She tries to get him to rat, threatens looking into Kohn’s disappearance. He gives her nothing. Stahl leaves.  Jax tells Tara about going Nomad and what that means.  He assures her it is the best thing for the time being.

Tara goes to Gemma. Gemma condemns the decision pointing out all of the pitfalls of going Nomad. Tara is unsure about what is the right decision. Gemma confronts Jax.  To Jax’s surprise he is not met with a lecture of anger from his mother. Instead she tells him about his father and the dark place John was in when he wrote that manuscript. She alludes to the idea that his death was welcomed on his part more then it was an accident.  She leaves Jax with a page to read in the manuscript, page 449.

Meanwhile, Opie and Half-Sack get back to the garage with a van they repossessed from the Wahewa reservation.  They find a case of unmarked bullets in the back – Clay gets an idea.  Clay, Opie, Tig, and Half-Sack head to the reservation and meet with the bullet maker.  They reach an agreement for them to make bullets for the Sons if, and only if, the Sons can sell their mushrooms.  Clay makes a call to Laroy and set up a deal once the mushrooms have been quality tested.  Tig and Half-Sack have the honors.

Jax consults with Bobby about going Nomad. Bobby tells him that this club needs something big to get us back on the right track, but he is not sure if Jax going Nomad is the right move or not.

At the hospital Tara is about to scrub in for a surgery when Margaret tells her she has been suspended for helping Chibs.  Her medical license is in jeopardy pending a hearing with the board. Tara tries to defend herself to no avail.

Chibs is approached by Stahl; if she wants his help he wants full immunity and protection for Fiona and his daughter Kerianne and the charges against SOA dropped. Stahl agrees but needs something first to even get the ball rolling.  Chibs gives up the location of the Irish safe house.  Stahl moves on the tip and takes down Edmond at the safe house. She pushes Edmond and he agrees to cooperate.

Jax takes Clay aside before the vote and asks, father to son, what he wants. Clay says he wants him gone.  The Sons gather for the vote. One by one they cast their votes to determine the fate of their VP.  It’s unanimous; Jax is free to go Nomad. Jax takes his cut and removes his VP and REDWOOD ORIGINAL patches.  As the guys exit Gemma tells Jax to come to her house.

Jax and Tara arrive at the Morrow house. They take a seat at the table with Clay and Gemma, ready to hear what she has to say. Gemma slowly begins revealing her rape to her son and husband. She shares with them what happened and why. Gemma finishes her story. The men have no words. Jax kisses his mothers hand, gets up and places his hand on Clay’s shoulder; an unspoken understanding between father and son. Jax grabs his patches off the table and leaves while Clay embraces his queen.

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