Take a look back at what happened on set during the making of SOA Season 2.
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Sons of Anarchy
Season 2, Episode 209
Recap: “Fa Guan”

After a devastating family dinner emotions are running high.  Jax pays Big Otto a visit to give his condolences for Luann. It’s clear Jax feels some responsibility for possibly inciting her tragic death by roughing up Georgie Caruso.

Meanwhile Clay and the guys meet with Henry Lin. They unfortunately cannot fill his gun order; ATF has eyes on their supplier.   However they agree to help Lin ‘free-up’ his supplier from his immigration troubles in exchange for access to the Hamas pipeline.  Lin gives SOA the information on the INS judge trying the case. The plan is simple – they will go in and persuade him to drop the charges.

Hale gets a hot tip about Darby dealing drugs and prostitution at a local motel in Charming.  Two of the girls he busts are from Caracara. They call Jax for help.  Clay gets wind that girls from Caracara are hooking and gives Bobby the order to shut Caracara down.  They have a new gun pipeline and don’t need porn.  Bobby tries to persuade Clay to keep it up and running, it’s a moneymaker. Clay doesn’t care – shut it down.  We find out the tip came from Zobelle, this is Hale’s last chance to get on board and be the town hero.

Unser checks in with Gemma to make sure she’s doing okay dealing with Luann’s murder.  Gemma tells him that she doesn’t think that it was Zobelle.  Unser agrees and asks her to take him to one of his church meetings in the morning.  Realizing that Unser is going all alone, she is happy to help her friend.

Bobby lets Jax know Clay’s intentions to shut Caracara down.  Jax confronts Clay – he can’t shut down club action without a majority vote. Jax takes the challenge one step further when Clay reminds him of the promise he made (204) by laying his gun on the table, giving Clay an open target to shoot him.  Jax leaves stating “we will” vote on Caracara tomorrow at chapel.

Outside Tig approaches Jax – they need to talk.  Jax tells him to speak; he has nothing to hide from Bobby. Tig informs Jax that Clay has Opie taking the lead on pressing the judge.  If things go bad there is no coming back from this for Opie. Tig will come to do the dirty work. Jax just needs to come along and keep Opie light. Jax doesn’t think that Opie will listen to him.  Regardless Bobby agrees and tells Jax he should come along.

Gemma stops in the hospital to apologize to Tara for butting into her business.  Tara tells her that Chibs flipped out when she told him that he is going to be transferred to another hospital because of his lapsed insurance.  Gemma tells her not to worry, they will find a way to protect him.  Tara just wants to know when this is all going to stop.  Gemma reassures her they have just hit a rough patch and things will settle down soon enough.  Later Tara rushes in to Chibs’ room; he is now experiencing very serious pain and needs to be put back on to the critical list, keeping him at St. Thomas.  He gives Tara a quick thank you for the help. The doc puts the club first.

In an intense scene at the judge’s house, SOA runs into a realization that the seeming easily to crack judge, won’t crack. Not even the threat of killing his son can make him cooperate. Opie, filled with rage and fear, at the point of no return, can’t pull the trigger and kill the judge’s son.  Tig steps up to fulfill his duty, but can’t.  Jax goes to Opie and tasks Bobby to find something to use.  Jax exits the house to find Opie on the porch. A silent understanding of what just happened between the two old friends.  Bobby finds love letters from the judge’s late wife, just the leverage that they need to persuade the judge.  The judge throws the case out and Lin’s gun connect is free to go.

Meanwhile Zobelle and Weston make their next assault against the Sons and burn down Caracara.  The next morning SOA gets word of the fire.  There is nothing left of the porn studio. Jax, convinced Clay was behind the fire, has had enough and declares – “I’m going Nomad.”

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