Take a look back at what happened on set during the making of SOA Season 2.
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Sons of Anarchy
Season 2, Episode 208
Recap: “Potlatch”

SOA may be home from jail in one piece, but they are far from healed. Tara and Gemma check in with their men separately: Tara questions Jax’s want for change while Gemma plans a family dinner to refocus the club and bring them back together.  Bobby takes it upon himself to gather the club and figure out how to mend the rift between Jax and Clay.  Opie will talk to Jax and Tig to Clay; they need to get to the bottom of this before it destroys the club.

Jax walks in as Bobby and the rest of the guys are wrapping up their talk.  He needs them to find Clay; the Chinese want a sit down. Jax heads off to Caracara to deal with a distraught Luann, the studio was broken into, equipment was stolen, and a disturbing message “Dead Bitch” was scrawled across Lyla’s door. Jax realizes that there’s only one person who could have been responsible – Georgie Caruso.

Gemma goes to check on Chibs only to find Fiona Larkin, Chibs’ estranged wife, watching over him.  Gemma introduces Tara and then fills her in.  Tara gives Gemma the good news; Chibs is off the critical list and should be able to go home after a week or so in recovery at a neighboring hospital. Gemma flips. He can’t be unprotected. Tara explains that with his lapsed insurance there is nothing she can do.

Meanwhile, Clay and the rest of the guys meet with Henry Lin.  He is experiencing a hold up with his gun connection and needs guns from SOA.  Clay tells him they will think about it.  As a gesture of good faith, Lin offers Chuck, eight fingers missing, but alive and well.  Tig says they’ll take him; he can take over the books at Caracara.  Opie gets a call from Jax telling him about Lyla. He takes Chuck and heads to Caracara.  Clay and the others head to the Irish safe house to see about the guns.  At the safe house it becomes apparent that the Irish are in fact selling guns to Zobelle; Stahl was right.  Clay leaves, tasking Half-Sack to follow the guns.

At Caracara, Opie takes a moment to comfort Lyla then regroups with Jax and Bobby. Chuck informs Jax that Lin has been crazy, the Mayan’s are pushing them out and they are losing ground daily. Jax finds this news very interesting and wants to check in with Laroy, but first they’ll deal with Georgie. Using Chuck to lure Georgie’s muscle away they burst into his office and take back what’s theirs.  In the process, they take a moment to further illustrate their point and drown Georgie’s Laptop in his fish tank.

Jax, Opie, Bobby and Chuck stop by the Niner’s bar on their way back to Charming only to find it is under new ownership – Mayan.  Alverez informs them that this is Mayan territory now and the truce with the Sons is over. Alverez demands their cuts before they leave. Jax refuses. Alverez pulls his gun and threatens Jax.  Cool and confident, Jax tells him it’s the only way he’s getting his cut. Bobby steps in to diffuse the situation reminding Alverez what the repercussions of killing the VP of the mother charter would be.   Alverez lets them go with the threat that next time SOA comes into Mayan territory they don’t come out.

Meanwhile, Clay, Tig, Happy and Half-Sack follow Weston and the Irish guns to a drop.  Unable to get a hold of Jax, Bobby, and Opie they make a move on their own.  It’s bad timing as Ule arrives and a gunfight ensues.  Clay, Tig, Happy and Half-Sack barely escape with their lives, but no guns.

Gemma puts the final touches on family diner as Jax, Bobby and Opie arrive.  They gather around the table. Clay, Tig, and Half-Sack enter, pissed. “Where were you?” the tension is high, SOA at each others’ throats as Hale enters the house. He delivers the news that Luann has been killed. She was found beaten to death. Hale leaves and Clay turns on Jax blaming him for her death.  Jax hits back with “I’m not the one going around killing women.” Gemma’s had enough and shatters the serving tray on the table stopping everyone cold.

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