Take a look back at what happened on set during the making of SOA Season 2.
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Locked up, unprotected, and with the AB gunning for them, the Sons know that the prison yard will prove to be a very dangerous place. Clay and Jax try to put their anger aside momentarily to strike a deal with Laroy’s cousin Russell Divine, leader of the Black Guerilla Family, for protection while they are locked up.  Russell agrees to protect them as long as the Sons can do something for the Family – first, a snitch in protective custody, Dion, needs to be taken out and second a Tranny, Vincent, on the outside needs to be set up and brought to jail so they can deal with her. Clay puts Opie, the only one who didn’t get locked up, on Vincent while Jax uses Juice as bate and arranges a ‘date’ for him and Dion.

Meanwhile Tara and Gemma meet with Rosen to figure out how to get the guys out. Rosen tells them that bail is set at $3 million.  Gemma knows there is only one person in Charming who can help.  She goes to Oswald, but he tells her that he can’t help, not this time.

Stahl and ATF are back in Charming. Hale gives her a chilly welcome. She informs him that she has no intention of causing any more damage in his town. She is there to go after the IRA and she plans on using the fact that the SOA is in jail as leverage.

Juice meets with Dion. The plan works and the Family rushes in before Juice is put into a compromising position.   As Juice approaches Clay and company with the good news he’s attacked and stabbed twice in the back.  Jax rushes to his aid and the guards get him to safety.  Clay gets word that Juice is going to be alright, it’s up to Opie now to make sure the Tranny (Vincent) set-up goes right to get SOA protection.

Opie enlists Trammel to help with the set up.  He plants drugs in Vincent’s car then Trammel pulls Vincent over. Vincent shoots Trammel and takes off.  Opie rushes to his aid.  SOA gets word about Trammel and they are on their own in jail.  Jax is livid.  Clay gets called away by one of the Guards and Bobby tells Jax he has to be the one to forgive and forget with Clay for the sake of the club.

Clay meets with Stahl.  She tries to get Clay to give up the Irish, but he shuts her down.
He returns to his cell where Jax approaches him ready to make amends. Clay responds to the gesture with a punch in the face.  Jax and Clay get into a brutal, no holds barred fight. The guards rush in and break up the fight. They bring Jax into the interrogation room to meet with Stahl.  She plays the same angle as she did with Clay, but this time Jax calls her bluff.  He knows she has nothing. A little impressed by the heir apparent, Stahl lets Jax know that their bail was made and they are free to go.  Jax leaves her with a bone chilling reminder that Kohn (Jay Karnes) was a Fed too and nobody’s heard from him.

Gemma and Tara anxiously wait for their men to return home. When SOA returns to the clubhouse it is apparent that the club has been divided. A clear line has been drawn with Jax on one side and Clay on the other.

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