Take a look back at what happened on set during the making of SOA Season 2.
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Sons of Anarchy
Season 2, Episode 206
Recap: “Falx Cerebri”

The episode begins in the aftermath of the explosion.  As the ambulance pulls away, the worry, stress, and want for revenge can be seen on all of the Sons’ faces. There is no stopping the retaliation on Zobelle, not now.  Jax, still worried they’re walking into a trap, partners up with Hale in hopes to protect his brothers.  Hale’s on board, under one condition, Jax will deliver Zobelle alive for questioning.

The explosion brings the Irish around, now questioning what this will do to their gun running arrangement.  Clay assures him that everything is under control and they will be able to make their deliveries as scheduled.  To make sure of this, Clay tasks Unser to busy his unis so Juice can have a chance to clean up the crime scene before CSU arrives. An ill-fated plan to pour Unser’s ‘radioactive’ urine on the crime scene backfires, leaving Unser and Juice defeated.

Jax and Hale get a hold of Weston’s address and head over there.  Meanwhile Clay and the others mount up and head to Weston’s as well. Jax manages to get to Weston first, but only finds his gun-wielding, itchy trigger-fingered son Cliffy there.  Cliffy fires on Jax, igniting a barrage of bullets from the rest of the Sons who have arrived outside.  Jax dives on top of Cliffy, protecting him from the gunfire.  SOA stops firing when they realize it is a kid inside, all they get from the house is Weston’s password-coded laptop.

At a loss, Hale confronts Gemma, tells her he knows about the attack.  Gemma, reeling from Unser’s betrayal, calms herself and gives Hale as much information as she can – the only one she saw was Polly.  Hale vows to keep her secret, then takes the new information and moves on it.  Hale finds out that Polly is Zobelle’s daughter and confronts her at her father’s cigar shop.  Under the threat of jail, she tells Hale her father is speaking at a big rally happening that night with plenty of jailhouse Aryans.

Hale relays the information to Jax, but not before Clay and the other SOA member have already figured it out.  Clay and company gun-up and head for the rally to kill Zoebelle.  Jax gives chase and when he meets up with them he tries to stop them from going in.  Jax tells them that Hale is sending the cops as they speak and if they go in they’ll all go to jail.  Clay doesn’t care and they move on the Church.  SOA busts in guns blazing, only to find a church family dinner happening: another set-up.  SOA tries to escape, but are all confronted by the police and arrested.

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