Take a look back at what happened on set during the making of SOA Season 2.
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Much like the show itself, the music of Sons of Anarchy has a unique personality all its own.  It is not mainstream or overproduced in fact Music Supervisor Bob Thiele and Music Editor Charles Sydnor along with their amazingly talented team, work tirelessly to find and create music that will enhance the show and help tell the story in an organic way.

We kick the season premiere off with a rendition of The Who’s “Slip Kid”. The crew from ANVIL along with singer Franky Perez joined forces to create an amazing cover for this iconic song.   The Lions, whose music helped mold season one, are back with inspiring tracks for season two. One of many great songs to look forward to is their cover of Bob Dylan’s “Girl from The North Country”. Their unique sound has made them one of SOA’s favorite bands.

Also this season, we have our very own Katey Sagal singing a rendition of The Rolling Stones’, “Ruby Tuesday”. This haunting rendition will rattle your soul as it plays through a gut-wrenching scene in episode 202.

Click on the music section of the Sons of Anarchy home page to hear these tracks and others from each episode.

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