Take a look back at what happened on set during the making of SOA Season 2.
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Sons of Anarchy
Season 2, Episode 213 SEASON FINALE
Recap: “Na Triobloidi”

We kick off the season two finale with Zobelle, Polly, and Weston in Charming PD’s custody and SOA camped outside of the station hoping for an opportunity to finish what they started.  Unser gives Clay an update; Weston, Zobelle and Polly are all being released.  Weston is being released because Chuck was deemed an unreliable witness. Zobelle and Polly are released because, as it turns out, Zobelle is a rat working with the FBI.  Clay gets word to Otto.  This revelation will secure protection for the brothers inside.   Hale escorts Zobelle and Polly out. He offers them protection until they get out of Charming, but Zobelle refuses, insisting that it won’t be necessary.   Right as Zobelle and Polly are ready to pull out, Alverez and the rest of the Mayans pull up, letting SOA know that they will be ensuring that Zobelle makes it safely out of Charming.   The Mayans pull out escorting Zobelle’s car, SOA following. They will not lose Zobelle again.

Unser takes it upon himself to let Weston know that Zobelle was working for the FBI, providing them information on all the AB power players.  Hale interrupts, telling Weston he’s free to go.  He suggests getting out of Charming immediately. Weston tells him that he can’t leave without his boys.

Meanwhile it’s a stand off outside Impeccable Smokes; Mayans lined in front of the store with SOA across the street.  Inside Polly hangs up the phone.  She tells Zobelle that Weston knows he’s a rat.  As he packs money into a bag he explains to her that he knew one day they would find out.  They will go home to Budapest where they will be safe and regroup.  Polly tells him that she needs to say goodbye to Edmond before they go.  Back outside Unser arrives; Hale tells him that he’s calling in the Sheriffs.  Unser tells Jax that Weston is going to see his son. Jax, Opie, and Chibs ride out to get Weston.

At the safe house Stahl makes Edmond set up a meet with his father, Cameron.  They will meet at the wharf.  Down at the wharf, Edmond answers a hidden cell phone; Cameron’s on the other end of the call and tells Edmond the only way out of the situation is to kill Stahl.  Edmond ends the call before Estevez can get to him.  He tells him that this was a test, that his dad will meet them back at the safe house.   When they get there Edmond tells Stahl that it has to just be the two of them, no radios, his dad has scanners and if something is off won’t show up. Stahl agrees it will be just she and Edmond in the house.  Edmond goes to the restroom and retrieves a gun from a vent.  He walks out, pulls the gun on Stahl but can’t pull the trigger.  She takes the gun from him and fires a shot at his chest, blanks. She tells him she has been one step ahead of him this whole time.  Edmond punches Stahl in the gut and takes off for the back door.  Stahl pulls her weapon and shoots Edmond in the back, killing him.

Jax, Opie, and Chibs catch up to Weston and watch as he and his son, escorted by Eglee, pull into a tattoo shop.  Opie makes a call to the shop owner telling him to get Weston into the bathroom.  Irish Freddy agrees and purposely jams his tattoo needle into Weston’s back.  Weston heads to the bathroom with his son Cliffy where they are met by Jax, Opie, and Chibs.  Weston, knowing his fate, sends Cliffy away reminding him to never talk to cops.  As soon as the boy is gone, Jax takes Weston into the stall and finally takes his revenge, unloading six rounds into Weston.

Gemma and Tara, escorted by Half-Sack, load groceries into the car.  Gemma spots Polly and decides to follow her.  They end up at the safe house. Stahl hears Polly come in and hides.  Polly sees Edmond on the ground; grabs her gun and goes to him.  Gemma tells Tara to go home, this is something she needs to do, alone.  Tara leaves and Gemma walks into the house gun drawn.  She sees Polly over Edmond’s body and tells her to drop the gun.  Polly makes a move to shoot Gemma, but Gemma gets a shot off first, killing her.  Gemma collapses on the couch only to see Stahl emerge, gun drawn.  Stahl radios to Estevez saying that Gemma Teller just killed Edmond and Polly. Stahl tells Gemma that she knows about the rape and is sorry.  She tells Gemma to go, she’ll give her a head start to take care of what she needs to before the authorities arrest her.  Gemma goes, she calls Unser – she needs help.

Back at the clubhouse Jax share the news that Weston is dead.  Juice calls – Zobelle is on the move, SOA heads out.  They surround Zobelle and his Mayan motorcade and open fire.  Zobelle flees. Jax tells the Mayans to save themselves and go.  They do and SOA take off after Zobelle.  Zobelle pulls into a deli-mart crowded with children for a safe haven.  SOA camps out in the parking lot, patiently waiting.  Zobelle calls Hale for help, unfortunately that deli-mart is outside of Charming and Hale’s jurisdiction.

Half-Sack arrives at Jax’s house.  He tells Tara that the cops swarmed the safe house- he doesn’t know what happened to Gemma.  Tara calls Jax.  As she’s talking to him Cameron comes in, knife in hand, and disconnects the call.   Cameron tells them Gemma killed his son.  He makes a move towards the baby – Half-Sack tries to intervene and Cameron plunges his knife deep into Half-Sack’s belly killing him.  Tara looses it.

Meanwhile, Jax tells Clay that something’s going on and he, Opie, and Chibs race back to his house.  When they arrive they find Half-Sack’s body on the floor and Tara tied up in the nursery.  They untie her and she tells him that Cameron took Abel.  Jax calls Clay – Cameron took my son.  Clay tells the boys and they head out leaving Zobelle to go free. Opie knows where Cameron is headed – the wharf.  SOA take to the road. It is a race against time, they rip through traffic trying desperately to catch up to Cameron and find Abel.  They arrive at the wharf only to see Cameron’s boat fading into the distance.  Jax collapses in desperation as his brothers try to console him.

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As we near the end of another great season let’s take a look back at one of the best explosions of the year and how they did that.

Episode 205 “Smite” ended with a bang as we blew up a minivan in our own backyard.   The set up: Chibs gets in to move the van. When he turns the engine over he hears the familiar sound of the battery winding down and knows what’s coming next.  Acting fast, he makes a run for it as the van detonated into a fiery explosion.  Chibs is thrown into the air by the force of the explosion, landing unconscious in a pool of his own blood.

This 60-second scene took hours of planning and preparation.  With explosions everything must be planned and double checked to insure not only the actor/stuntman’s safety, but also the safety of everyone on set.  You get one shot at a stunt like this, take a look and see how it comes together.

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Sons of Anarchy
Season 2, Episode 212
Recap: “Culling”

The episode opens as Jax, Tara, Clay, Tig, Gemma and the rest of the club prepare for lock-down.  The clubhouse has turned into a safe haven for Samcro and their loved ones. Clay addresses the large crowd in the barroom – you are here because you are family. No one else is going to get hurt on my watch.

At chapel Clay lays out the plan to get his guns from the Irish without the ATF interfering.  He assures Chibs that Jimmy will know who the real rat is and he and his family will be safe.

Jax and Opie find Weston at Impeccable Smokes. They inform him that Zobelle is supplying weapons and selling heroin with the Mayans.  Weston goes to their gun  warehouse to check things out for himself.  He’s pissed when he realizes that the guns are gone. As he gets on his phone to make a call he hears voices in the back room.  Weston pulls his gun and bursts in the room. Ule and two Hispanic women are packing heroin.  With out hesitation Weston kills both women and turns his gun on Ule.  Ule tries to tell him that Zobelle has sanctioned this, but before an explanation can be given, Weston ends his life.

Meanwhile, SOA shows Jimmy O. ATF photos of Cameron and Edmond with Zobelle.  Clay tells Jimmy his plan. Then Clay and Jax meet with Laroy and Henry Lin.  They propose a solution to all of their problems.  Laroy and Lin help SOA defeat Zobelle and Weston and in return SOA will push out the Mayans and divvy up their territory between them.  Laroy and Lin are all for more money and friendly boarders.

Back at the clubhouse Chuck has resurfaced. As Tara bandages his badly burned hands, Chuck tells them that it was Weston who set the fire at Caracara.  Unser agrees to take him in to give a statement so that SOA can collect the insurance money.

Polly gets back to the shop and is questioned by Zobelle about her relationship with Edmond.  Weston comes in, gun drawn, demanding answers from Zobelle.  Zobelle tries to show Weston his big picture, but Weston, the purist that he is, only sees it as a betrayal. Weston lets Zobelle know that he is on his own and leaves. Outside he gets a phone call, his kids have been taken away by child services.  Weston rushes to Charming PD just in time to see the Child Services van pull away.  Jax walks up to Weston. He lets him know that he is the one who did this. Weston is pissed.  Jax gives him a time and a place – they’ll fight till only one stands.

Jimmy O. shows up at the safe house for his gun pick up. Stahl is watching. Jimmy’s van heads out, Stahl gets Edmond, and follows the van to make her bust.  As soon as the coast is clear SOA roars in opening the garage door to reveal Jimmy O. and the guns are still there.  SOA load the guns into the van. Clay and Jimmy shake hands, all is good between them.  Clay, Jax, Chibs, and Bobby head to the army surplus store for their arranged ‘pick-up’.  As soon as the Sons enter the store Stahl gives the word to take the van and arrest them. But when she goes into the store and opens the seized crates, all she finds is two dead rats. Edmond freaks at the sight of them. Screwed again, Stahl is forced to let SOA go, she has nothing on them.  She goes to Edmond, he motions to the crate and tells her that Jimmy knows. He’s dead.

At the clubhouse, SOA gear up for battle.  They mount their bikes and head out to the back woods of Charming and wait for Weston and his guys to show up. When they do, it’s on.  A brutal no-holds-barred fight.  As the fight rages, Hale and his guys rush in with lights ablaze.  Taking in the situation, Hale arrests Weston for arson in order to save his life.  The Sons are pissed.  If they can’t have Weston they will move onto Zobelle.  Clay makes the call to Unser.  Unser calls off his men who are babysitting Polly at Impeccable Smokes.  SOA pulls up and pressures Polly, demanding to know where Zobelle is. She swears she doesn’t know.  Zobelle enters.  Clay tells him his fate, but before he can make good on his promise Hale enters.  Zobelle thinks quick and tells Hale he is in possession of narcotics and to arrest him. An Officer locates a brick of heroin and Hale takes Zobelle into custody, in turn granting him a stay of execution.

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QUESTION: From Noelle Sinck

I wanted to submit a question for Mr. Perlman.

In the promo video prior to season 1 you mention that you’ve never played anyone who was as much of a “man” as Clay.  Was it hard to find the humanity in this character? I feel you have done a great job of showing the two sides of him, both ruthless and vulnerable.  Was there a process to finding the nuances in this character or did they evolve naturally over the season?

To Noelle

Thanks for your kind words regarding the portrayal of Clay. The tricky part to playing him lay more in the type of man he is, rather than his manhood. I think the comment I made referred to the fact that Clay is the first character I’ve played who possesses no real sense of humor about himself. To play someone who, in his own mind, is always right was the real challenge. The fact that he shows his vulnerability every now again is a tribute more to the writing of Kurt Sutter and company more than anything else. At any rate, and without trying to get too analytical, thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Ron Perlman
QUESTION: from Sean Slater:

Hello, I hope everyone is doing well.  First let me say I love the show and I am very excited for season 2. With that being said, on to my question.

My question is for the cast, what drew you to the show exactly? Was it the story? The characters? I have to say the acting all around is top notch; the story is very engrossing as it draws you in regardless of what direction it may take.  I can’t imagine any other group of actors playing these roles.  I know you’ll get a million of these, but I thank you for your time.


I got signed on at the last minute.  They were reshooting parts of the pilot and wanted to add my character of Tig.  I took a huge leap of faith with Kurt Sutter, trusting that the guy I was about to play was not just a psycho whack job…but a biker who has humor and heart and is committed to the club.  It’s worked out so far in spades.  The original script was familiar to me and loved the writing.  There really is nothing like it on the tube anywhere.  This season has seen a shift for Tig.  He’s lost his mo jo a bit from the accident of killing Donna last season.  But near the end of season two he gets it back big time…just love coming to work everyday and working with this cast.  It’s quite the ride, and I hope it continues.

Kim Coates

Please keep sending your questions to If you ask, I’ll get them to answer.

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Sons of Anarchy
Season 2, Episode 211
Recap: “Service”

We pick up the episode hours after Gemma revealed the rape to Clay and Jax.  Rocked by the news, everyone is up trying to figure out what now.  Clay makes a late night visit to Jax’s house – they need to do this right, they need a plan.  In Jax’s mind the plan is simple – kill them all.

A morning Church session is called.  Jax informs the club that he is not going nomad, but before the club can rejoice Clay reins them in and shares the news about Gemma.  The club is shocked and wants revenge.  Jax and Clay tell them that if they are going to destroy Zobelle’s organization, the Sons need to tear them apart from the inside.  The guys are given instructions to find something to use as a wedge between Zobelle and Weston, and until then no one retaliates.

Tara goes to check in on Gemma. Gemma shares her fears – now that Clay knows, there is no way he will ever want her again.  Tara tries to reassure her, only to have her education continue.

With no gun connection, the Sons tap their personal stock in preparation for retaliation.  Tig goes to Gemma and Clay’s house to collect their guns.  Still haunted by killing Donna and lying to a brother, Tig drowns his guilt in a sea of booze.   Gemma sees Tig as he finishes off a fifth of vodka.  He kisses her expressing his deepest sympathy for what happened to her.   With emotions running high on both parts, Gemma and Tig are overcome by a moment of sadness, passion, and rage as their relationship walks the fine line of turning physical.  They come to their senses before it’s too late and Tig rushes off.  He arrives at Teller-Morrow to find Opie putting the final touches on his Panhead EG.  Seeking solace for what he did, he asks Opie why Donna was driving his truck the night she died.   Putting it all together, Opie realizes what Tig has done and unleashes a vicious attack on him.  Tig welcomes the beating, putting up no resistance, only saying it was Stahl’s doing.   Jax pulls up and breaks up the fight.  Opie rushes off as Bobby and Clay try to figure out what happened.  Tig tells them he told Opie that he killed Donna.  Jax realizes that Opie has gone after Stahl and goes after Opie to stop him from doing something stupid.

Jax turns to Hale to help find Stahl.  Hale tells him she went to meet an informant, and suggests that it has to be one of Zobelle’s people who has turned on the Irish.  Jax goes to Impeccable Smokes and follows Zobelle.  He follows him to a meeting with Alverez where Jax puts it together – Zobelle is selling heroin with Alverez.  This is the piece that the Sons need to drive a wedge between Weston and Zobelle.

Meanwhile Opie has Stahl in his sights.  As he plans his move, he is shocked to see Chibs walking out with CI paperwork.  Opie continues to follow Stahl to the docks where he finally makes his move and confronts her.  Gun to her head, Opie lets Stahl know just who she killed. In a turn, Opie reveals that the gun isn’t loaded and leaves Stahl to realize he made the choice to let her live.

Jax finds Opie back at the clubhouse.  Opie tells him that he didn’t kill Stahl.  He turns to Jax and asks how he is suppose to stay and share a patch with Clay and Tig after all of this.  Jax gives him the manuscript and tells Op that he needs him if he is going to turn things around.

At Church, Opie confronts Clay, Tig, and Bobby.  He tells them that he is going to stay and that he would prefer this stay between them, he doesn’t need people knowing his business.   He tells them that he will stay on one condition, Chibs is working with Stahl and they need to hear him out and believe what he tells them.  Clay agrees.

Meanwhile Chibs is in the garage, upset.  Gemma asks him what’s the matter.  He tells her that he’s messed up and doesn’t know how to make things right.  Gemma tells him to come clean.  Chibs goes into the Chapel and tells the guys that he needs to talk to them.  He gives them the whole story and Clay, proving good to his word, tells Chibs that they will sort it all out and he is good with them.  Suddenly, Piney bursts in, gun drawn, and fires off a shot at Clay.  Without hesitation Tig protects Clay as Opie and Chibs take Piney down.  Clay goes after Piney and the guys hold him back.  Opie demands the room so he can talk to his father. The guys clear out, giving them a minute.

Jax, Clay, Bobby, Tig, and Chibs grab a solemn drink at the bar as they wait for Opie and Piney to finish.  Opie emerges and explains to Clay that Piney did what he did for Opie.  Piney thought Opie would kill Clay and he didn’t want that to fall on Opie. Clay takes all the news in stride and allows Piney to stay in the club.

Jax and Clay exit the clubhouse. Tig catches up with Clay and tells him that Gemma needs to know that he still loves her.  Clay strides up to the office and finally, after so long, takes Gemma.

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Sons of Anarchy
Season 2, Episode 210
Recap: “Balm”

The gauntlet has been thrown – Jax is going Nomad. Clay informs the rest of the club that the Nomad President has accepted Jax’s request for a transfer, now it is up to a vote to see if we let him go or not.

Jax goes to the cabin to tell Piney. Piney is less than thrilled to hear that the one he trusted to make things right is leaving.  Jax tells him he will still make things right, just needs a little distance to do that. On his way out he talks with Opie who is just arriving.  Opie doesn’t understand what he’s doing. Frankly, neither does Jax.

Chibs finally gets cut loose from the hospital. Jax, Bobby, Happy, and Half-Sack are there to bring him home.  In the van, Half-Sack tells Chibs about Jax going Nomad. Bobby and Jax catch the van making an abrupt left, Jax tells them to go ahead he’ll go after Chibs.

Chibs drags Sack to the Army/Navy store and confronts the Irish – why are they selling guns to Zobelle?  The infamous Jimmy O comes out when he hears the ruckus.  Jax gets to the store just in time to settle everyone down.  Stahl has surveillance on the store and hears everything.  She will use this to press Chibs and Jax one last time.

Jax comes home to find Stahl sitting in his living room with Tara. She tries to get him to rat, threatens looking into Kohn’s disappearance. He gives her nothing. Stahl leaves.  Jax tells Tara about going Nomad and what that means.  He assures her it is the best thing for the time being.

Tara goes to Gemma. Gemma condemns the decision pointing out all of the pitfalls of going Nomad. Tara is unsure about what is the right decision. Gemma confronts Jax.  To Jax’s surprise he is not met with a lecture of anger from his mother. Instead she tells him about his father and the dark place John was in when he wrote that manuscript. She alludes to the idea that his death was welcomed on his part more then it was an accident.  She leaves Jax with a page to read in the manuscript, page 449.

Meanwhile, Opie and Half-Sack get back to the garage with a van they repossessed from the Wahewa reservation.  They find a case of unmarked bullets in the back – Clay gets an idea.  Clay, Opie, Tig, and Half-Sack head to the reservation and meet with the bullet maker.  They reach an agreement for them to make bullets for the Sons if, and only if, the Sons can sell their mushrooms.  Clay makes a call to Laroy and set up a deal once the mushrooms have been quality tested.  Tig and Half-Sack have the honors.

Jax consults with Bobby about going Nomad. Bobby tells him that this club needs something big to get us back on the right track, but he is not sure if Jax going Nomad is the right move or not.

At the hospital Tara is about to scrub in for a surgery when Margaret tells her she has been suspended for helping Chibs.  Her medical license is in jeopardy pending a hearing with the board. Tara tries to defend herself to no avail.

Chibs is approached by Stahl; if she wants his help he wants full immunity and protection for Fiona and his daughter Kerianne and the charges against SOA dropped. Stahl agrees but needs something first to even get the ball rolling.  Chibs gives up the location of the Irish safe house.  Stahl moves on the tip and takes down Edmond at the safe house. She pushes Edmond and he agrees to cooperate.

Jax takes Clay aside before the vote and asks, father to son, what he wants. Clay says he wants him gone.  The Sons gather for the vote. One by one they cast their votes to determine the fate of their VP.  It’s unanimous; Jax is free to go Nomad. Jax takes his cut and removes his VP and REDWOOD ORIGINAL patches.  As the guys exit Gemma tells Jax to come to her house.

Jax and Tara arrive at the Morrow house. They take a seat at the table with Clay and Gemma, ready to hear what she has to say. Gemma slowly begins revealing her rape to her son and husband. She shares with them what happened and why. Gemma finishes her story. The men have no words. Jax kisses his mothers hand, gets up and places his hand on Clay’s shoulder; an unspoken understanding between father and son. Jax grabs his patches off the table and leaves while Clay embraces his queen.

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Sons of Anarchy
Season 2, Episode 209
Recap: “Fa Guan”

After a devastating family dinner emotions are running high.  Jax pays Big Otto a visit to give his condolences for Luann. It’s clear Jax feels some responsibility for possibly inciting her tragic death by roughing up Georgie Caruso.

Meanwhile Clay and the guys meet with Henry Lin. They unfortunately cannot fill his gun order; ATF has eyes on their supplier.   However they agree to help Lin ‘free-up’ his supplier from his immigration troubles in exchange for access to the Hamas pipeline.  Lin gives SOA the information on the INS judge trying the case. The plan is simple – they will go in and persuade him to drop the charges.

Hale gets a hot tip about Darby dealing drugs and prostitution at a local motel in Charming.  Two of the girls he busts are from Caracara. They call Jax for help.  Clay gets wind that girls from Caracara are hooking and gives Bobby the order to shut Caracara down.  They have a new gun pipeline and don’t need porn.  Bobby tries to persuade Clay to keep it up and running, it’s a moneymaker. Clay doesn’t care – shut it down.  We find out the tip came from Zobelle, this is Hale’s last chance to get on board and be the town hero.

Unser checks in with Gemma to make sure she’s doing okay dealing with Luann’s murder.  Gemma tells him that she doesn’t think that it was Zobelle.  Unser agrees and asks her to take him to one of his church meetings in the morning.  Realizing that Unser is going all alone, she is happy to help her friend.

Bobby lets Jax know Clay’s intentions to shut Caracara down.  Jax confronts Clay – he can’t shut down club action without a majority vote. Jax takes the challenge one step further when Clay reminds him of the promise he made (204) by laying his gun on the table, giving Clay an open target to shoot him.  Jax leaves stating “we will” vote on Caracara tomorrow at chapel.

Outside Tig approaches Jax – they need to talk.  Jax tells him to speak; he has nothing to hide from Bobby. Tig informs Jax that Clay has Opie taking the lead on pressing the judge.  If things go bad there is no coming back from this for Opie. Tig will come to do the dirty work. Jax just needs to come along and keep Opie light. Jax doesn’t think that Opie will listen to him.  Regardless Bobby agrees and tells Jax he should come along.

Gemma stops in the hospital to apologize to Tara for butting into her business.  Tara tells her that Chibs flipped out when she told him that he is going to be transferred to another hospital because of his lapsed insurance.  Gemma tells her not to worry, they will find a way to protect him.  Tara just wants to know when this is all going to stop.  Gemma reassures her they have just hit a rough patch and things will settle down soon enough.  Later Tara rushes in to Chibs’ room; he is now experiencing very serious pain and needs to be put back on to the critical list, keeping him at St. Thomas.  He gives Tara a quick thank you for the help. The doc puts the club first.

In an intense scene at the judge’s house, SOA runs into a realization that the seeming easily to crack judge, won’t crack. Not even the threat of killing his son can make him cooperate. Opie, filled with rage and fear, at the point of no return, can’t pull the trigger and kill the judge’s son.  Tig steps up to fulfill his duty, but can’t.  Jax goes to Opie and tasks Bobby to find something to use.  Jax exits the house to find Opie on the porch. A silent understanding of what just happened between the two old friends.  Bobby finds love letters from the judge’s late wife, just the leverage that they need to persuade the judge.  The judge throws the case out and Lin’s gun connect is free to go.

Meanwhile Zobelle and Weston make their next assault against the Sons and burn down Caracara.  The next morning SOA gets word of the fire.  There is nothing left of the porn studio. Jax, convinced Clay was behind the fire, has had enough and declares – “I’m going Nomad.”

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Sons of Anarchy
Season 2, Episode 208
Recap: “Potlatch”

SOA may be home from jail in one piece, but they are far from healed. Tara and Gemma check in with their men separately: Tara questions Jax’s want for change while Gemma plans a family dinner to refocus the club and bring them back together.  Bobby takes it upon himself to gather the club and figure out how to mend the rift between Jax and Clay.  Opie will talk to Jax and Tig to Clay; they need to get to the bottom of this before it destroys the club.

Jax walks in as Bobby and the rest of the guys are wrapping up their talk.  He needs them to find Clay; the Chinese want a sit down. Jax heads off to Caracara to deal with a distraught Luann, the studio was broken into, equipment was stolen, and a disturbing message “Dead Bitch” was scrawled across Lyla’s door. Jax realizes that there’s only one person who could have been responsible – Georgie Caruso.

Gemma goes to check on Chibs only to find Fiona Larkin, Chibs’ estranged wife, watching over him.  Gemma introduces Tara and then fills her in.  Tara gives Gemma the good news; Chibs is off the critical list and should be able to go home after a week or so in recovery at a neighboring hospital. Gemma flips. He can’t be unprotected. Tara explains that with his lapsed insurance there is nothing she can do.

Meanwhile, Clay and the rest of the guys meet with Henry Lin.  He is experiencing a hold up with his gun connection and needs guns from SOA.  Clay tells him they will think about it.  As a gesture of good faith, Lin offers Chuck, eight fingers missing, but alive and well.  Tig says they’ll take him; he can take over the books at Caracara.  Opie gets a call from Jax telling him about Lyla. He takes Chuck and heads to Caracara.  Clay and the others head to the Irish safe house to see about the guns.  At the safe house it becomes apparent that the Irish are in fact selling guns to Zobelle; Stahl was right.  Clay leaves, tasking Half-Sack to follow the guns.

At Caracara, Opie takes a moment to comfort Lyla then regroups with Jax and Bobby. Chuck informs Jax that Lin has been crazy, the Mayan’s are pushing them out and they are losing ground daily. Jax finds this news very interesting and wants to check in with Laroy, but first they’ll deal with Georgie. Using Chuck to lure Georgie’s muscle away they burst into his office and take back what’s theirs.  In the process, they take a moment to further illustrate their point and drown Georgie’s Laptop in his fish tank.

Jax, Opie, Bobby and Chuck stop by the Niner’s bar on their way back to Charming only to find it is under new ownership – Mayan.  Alverez informs them that this is Mayan territory now and the truce with the Sons is over. Alverez demands their cuts before they leave. Jax refuses. Alverez pulls his gun and threatens Jax.  Cool and confident, Jax tells him it’s the only way he’s getting his cut. Bobby steps in to diffuse the situation reminding Alverez what the repercussions of killing the VP of the mother charter would be.   Alverez lets them go with the threat that next time SOA comes into Mayan territory they don’t come out.

Meanwhile, Clay, Tig, Happy and Half-Sack follow Weston and the Irish guns to a drop.  Unable to get a hold of Jax, Bobby, and Opie they make a move on their own.  It’s bad timing as Ule arrives and a gunfight ensues.  Clay, Tig, Happy and Half-Sack barely escape with their lives, but no guns.

Gemma puts the final touches on family diner as Jax, Bobby and Opie arrive.  They gather around the table. Clay, Tig, and Half-Sack enter, pissed. “Where were you?” the tension is high, SOA at each others’ throats as Hale enters the house. He delivers the news that Luann has been killed. She was found beaten to death. Hale leaves and Clay turns on Jax blaming him for her death.  Jax hits back with “I’m not the one going around killing women.” Gemma’s had enough and shatters the serving tray on the table stopping everyone cold.

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Locked up, unprotected, and with the AB gunning for them, the Sons know that the prison yard will prove to be a very dangerous place. Clay and Jax try to put their anger aside momentarily to strike a deal with Laroy’s cousin Russell Divine, leader of the Black Guerilla Family, for protection while they are locked up.  Russell agrees to protect them as long as the Sons can do something for the Family – first, a snitch in protective custody, Dion, needs to be taken out and second a Tranny, Vincent, on the outside needs to be set up and brought to jail so they can deal with her. Clay puts Opie, the only one who didn’t get locked up, on Vincent while Jax uses Juice as bate and arranges a ‘date’ for him and Dion.

Meanwhile Tara and Gemma meet with Rosen to figure out how to get the guys out. Rosen tells them that bail is set at $3 million.  Gemma knows there is only one person in Charming who can help.  She goes to Oswald, but he tells her that he can’t help, not this time.

Stahl and ATF are back in Charming. Hale gives her a chilly welcome. She informs him that she has no intention of causing any more damage in his town. She is there to go after the IRA and she plans on using the fact that the SOA is in jail as leverage.

Juice meets with Dion. The plan works and the Family rushes in before Juice is put into a compromising position.   As Juice approaches Clay and company with the good news he’s attacked and stabbed twice in the back.  Jax rushes to his aid and the guards get him to safety.  Clay gets word that Juice is going to be alright, it’s up to Opie now to make sure the Tranny (Vincent) set-up goes right to get SOA protection.

Opie enlists Trammel to help with the set up.  He plants drugs in Vincent’s car then Trammel pulls Vincent over. Vincent shoots Trammel and takes off.  Opie rushes to his aid.  SOA gets word about Trammel and they are on their own in jail.  Jax is livid.  Clay gets called away by one of the Guards and Bobby tells Jax he has to be the one to forgive and forget with Clay for the sake of the club.

Clay meets with Stahl.  She tries to get Clay to give up the Irish, but he shuts her down.
He returns to his cell where Jax approaches him ready to make amends. Clay responds to the gesture with a punch in the face.  Jax and Clay get into a brutal, no holds barred fight. The guards rush in and break up the fight. They bring Jax into the interrogation room to meet with Stahl.  She plays the same angle as she did with Clay, but this time Jax calls her bluff.  He knows she has nothing. A little impressed by the heir apparent, Stahl lets Jax know that their bail was made and they are free to go.  Jax leaves her with a bone chilling reminder that Kohn (Jay Karnes) was a Fed too and nobody’s heard from him.

Gemma and Tara anxiously wait for their men to return home. When SOA returns to the clubhouse it is apparent that the club has been divided. A clear line has been drawn with Jax on one side and Clay on the other.

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Sons of Anarchy
Season 2, Episode 206
Recap: “Falx Cerebri”

The episode begins in the aftermath of the explosion.  As the ambulance pulls away, the worry, stress, and want for revenge can be seen on all of the Sons’ faces. There is no stopping the retaliation on Zobelle, not now.  Jax, still worried they’re walking into a trap, partners up with Hale in hopes to protect his brothers.  Hale’s on board, under one condition, Jax will deliver Zobelle alive for questioning.

The explosion brings the Irish around, now questioning what this will do to their gun running arrangement.  Clay assures him that everything is under control and they will be able to make their deliveries as scheduled.  To make sure of this, Clay tasks Unser to busy his unis so Juice can have a chance to clean up the crime scene before CSU arrives. An ill-fated plan to pour Unser’s ‘radioactive’ urine on the crime scene backfires, leaving Unser and Juice defeated.

Jax and Hale get a hold of Weston’s address and head over there.  Meanwhile Clay and the others mount up and head to Weston’s as well. Jax manages to get to Weston first, but only finds his gun-wielding, itchy trigger-fingered son Cliffy there.  Cliffy fires on Jax, igniting a barrage of bullets from the rest of the Sons who have arrived outside.  Jax dives on top of Cliffy, protecting him from the gunfire.  SOA stops firing when they realize it is a kid inside, all they get from the house is Weston’s password-coded laptop.

At a loss, Hale confronts Gemma, tells her he knows about the attack.  Gemma, reeling from Unser’s betrayal, calms herself and gives Hale as much information as she can – the only one she saw was Polly.  Hale vows to keep her secret, then takes the new information and moves on it.  Hale finds out that Polly is Zobelle’s daughter and confronts her at her father’s cigar shop.  Under the threat of jail, she tells Hale her father is speaking at a big rally happening that night with plenty of jailhouse Aryans.

Hale relays the information to Jax, but not before Clay and the other SOA member have already figured it out.  Clay and company gun-up and head for the rally to kill Zoebelle.  Jax gives chase and when he meets up with them he tries to stop them from going in.  Jax tells them that Hale is sending the cops as they speak and if they go in they’ll all go to jail.  Clay doesn’t care and they move on the Church.  SOA busts in guns blazing, only to find a church family dinner happening: another set-up.  SOA tries to escape, but are all confronted by the police and arrested.

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